One of the planet’s most mystifying yet awe-inspiring natural marvels remains an aurora, also known as an “aurora borealis.” Here in Minnesota, we know this dazzling display as the “northern lights.” Depending on the destination, the northern lights in Minnesota typically boast many hues of green and purple as they slide and contort across the starry sky. Night owls have seen their fair share of auroras over the years here along the banks of Big Sandy Lake as the northern lights “visit” our serene slice of Northern Minnesota every year, sometimes bi-annually.

Can You See the Northern Lights in Minnesota?

Yes, of course. In fact, the northern lights were captured by a local videographer last August. The video was filmed at nearby Waban Bay, just a couple of miles north of Big Sandy Lodge & Resort. The entire evening is condensed into a 30-second video, which beautifully outlines the earth’s swift rotation. Sightings range from exceptionally vibrant to mildly hazy, depending on the weather and seasonality.

Photo of the Northern Lights in MinnesotaThe Best Time to See the Northern Lights in Minnesota

So, most forecasters indicate that September and March are the most likely months to observe the northern lights in Minnesota, but that depends on countless scientific factors. Last year, droves of onlookers spotted an aurora as it slinked above Big Sandy Lake on August 31. Folks climbed into boats, laid down blankets on the beach, and plopped into lawn chairs to experience the event. In 2015, however, locals spotted an aurora in early November—you just never know when the next event will be.

Northern Lights Tracker: An Aurora Borealis Forecast

While forecasters cannot guarantee that the northern lights in Minnesota will truly shine on a given evening, their up-to-the-minute reports are wildly accurate. We recommend following as many northern light forecasts as possible, such as Aurora Service, the NOAA, and Aurora Alerts. An aurora is typically visible on a clear night with little to no moonlight—and remember to bundle up, be patient, and look to the north!

Photo Breakfast at Big Sandy After an Evening of Watching the Northern Lights in MinnesotaClassic Northern Minnesota Lake Resorts

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